How to Hang a Hammock in your Garden

How to hang a hammock in your garden

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How to Hang a Hammock in your Garden

Hammocks are very relaxing to use and their natural swaying makes it one of the easiest and most peaceful ways to relax.

They are a perfect way to enjoy a good book, fall asleep or just look up at the beautiful blue sky while spending time in your hammock. However, hammocks are also known for providing a few health benefits including helping to lower blood pressure and to reduce stress levels.

That is why many people like to have them in their garden but you may be unsure of how to hang your hammock and be scared of it all crashing down. That is where this article comes in, explaining the multiple ways you are able to hang your hammock in your garden, camping or even at the beach using posts, stands, and trees.

How to Hang a Hammock on a Stand

Before setting up a stand you’ll want to know where to place it. Pick your spot wisely as you’ll want a flat and level surface so that the stand has less chance to topple over.

You’ll also want to find the best location depending upon your overall surroundings. If you put your hammock near walls or hedges you’ll be reducing the airflow. Some people like a soft breeze when hanging in a hammock to keep them cool whereas others prefer no airflow at all.

You’ll also want to make a note of where the light is. You don’t want to sun to be glaring into your eyes while you’re trying to relax. The good thing about a stand is that you can take all this into account and change where you are placed as you please.

One of the most important elements in hanging a hammock on a stand is to ensure that your hammock and stand are compatible as there are two different types of stands you can get.

There are stands that come with a spreader bar and those that don’t. The spreader bar is a wooden or metal bar that keeps your hammock flat and gives you a bigger surface area to lay upon. The disadvantage of having one of these is that it will be more difficult to pack away after you’ve used it.

The stands without a spreader bar will make the hammock sag more and give you less movement while using it but will be much easier to pack away. So before you buy, you’ll want to figure out which stand your hammock needs.

How to Set up a Spreader Bar Hammock Stand

The spreader bar stand and hammock can be set up by following these four easy steps:

  1. Set the distance between the end of the hammock stand by moving the metal pegs up and down. The higher you move the peg the longer it’s set for the hammock. You’ll want to set the two ends of the stand to be as far apart as the length of the hammock.
  2. Insert the metal chain that is provided into the metal pegs with an s-hook.
  3. Hook the s-hook at the loose end of the chain into the metal loops on the ends of the hammock.
  4. Test the hammock to make it tighter or looser by moving the pegs from step one higher or lower.

How to Set up a Hammock Stand without a Spreader Bar

The hammock without a spreader bar is a lot easier to set up.

  1. Just place the stand so its two ends are about two-thirds width of that of the length of the hammock.
  2. Hang it by inserting the ends of the hammock into the correct space atop the stand on both sides.
  3. The material of the hammock will catch the loops on the stand and it will be ready for use. Don’t worry about it breaking or tearing the hammock as it’s designed for this use.

How to Hang a Hammock from One Tree

Despite it being better off to use two trees instead of just one you may find yourself in a scenario where you only have one tree to use.

In this situation, you will need more equipment than just your hammock. First, you’ll require a post or other permanent object to connect to the second end of the hammock. You’ll also want a cord or rope to attach to a tree.

If you’re using a post you can cement it into the ground if you’re planning to have your hammock in the same location each time.

You can also use a wall or other permanent building if this is easier. Once you’ve decided on the second post or wall, you can simply use the rope to tie each end of the hammock up.

Just make sure that the tension between hammock and tree or post isn’t too tight to ensure it won’t break.

How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Trees

The most common and preferred way of hanging a hammock is between two trees.

This will be very similar to using the one tree method but instead of using a post, you can use both trees. You’ll want to make sure the length between each tree isn’t too far and ensure that is a meter less than the length of the hammock in order for it to have enough room for your rope fixings.

Once you’ve located your spot, you’ll want to apply your ropes or use a specialist hammock hanging kit. The hammock should have loops on both ends in order for you to wrap each cord or rope. Once you’ve attached your ropes to the hammock you’ll want to attach the other end of each rope to the highest point you can reach on both trees.

Simply wrap it around the branch a couple of times and tie it back to the hammock. Make sure it’s tight enough to the tree to hold your weight but make sure the rope isn’t too tight so it’ll snap when you lay on it. Special hammock cords are adjustable to make this easier for you.

How to Hang a Hammock Between Two Posts

A bit of a more constructive approach to hanging hammocks is to use posts.

This is a more permanent method of keeping your hammock area. For permanent placement, you’ll want to use cement so get yourself a bag.

You’ll also want a way to dig your holes such as a post-hole digger or a shovel. You’ll need pea gravel, hammock hooks, and 2 8ft long posts too.

The first step is to make the holes for the posts both being 24 inches deep or for more sandy areas at 30 inches deep at 14ft apart. Next, you’ll want to prepare your posts by screwing the hammock hooks into them. Fill the bottom of the holes with the pea gravel.

You’ll then want to plant the posts into the holes and make sure they’re stood straight. Then pour the cement into the hole too and it should hold it in place. Once this is done let it set and then it’ll be time to hang your hammock.

You’ll be able to take the loops on each side of the hammock and attach them to the hooks you’ve placed on the posts.


Now you can enjoy hanging around in your own hammock however you choose to hang it up. You should have no trouble now enjoying the afternoon sunshine and fresh air enjoying the relaxing experience that comes with owning a hammock.

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