CCLLA Outdoor courtyard garden bench, Heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame double seat park bench, 5CM extra-thick solid wood slat weatherproof bench, For Backyard Lawn Porch Path Price: £703.99 (as of 03/01/2024 00:13 PST- Details)

1. Made of high-quality solid wood: The garden bench is made of super strong cedar. The thickness of 5cm is stronger and more durable than ordinary benches. The surface is smooth and has been treated with environmental protection and anti-corrosion. It can resist wind, sun and rain, and will not fade or fade. Fragmentation; designed for indoor and outdoor use, no special maintenance is required.
2. Durable steel structure: The outdoor bench is made of high-strength steel with powder coating, which makes the workbench anti-rust and weather-resistant; the arched design of the feet makes the chair stronger, and the firm base is as stable as Mount Tai. Fixed ground, firm and durable.
3. Exquisite craftsmanship: The edges and surfaces of the courtyard seats are finely polished to prevent scratches; the intricately designed deep seats and smooth armrests provide a comfortable seating experience for various body types, which is very suitable for you and guests or on the terrace Rest comfortably.